About Us

What makes us unique?

Who are we?

We are a group of therapists that are particularly passionate about relationships. In other words, we are genuine "relationship nerds." We certainly did not choose this niche to just "make a living." Honestly, it might be safer to be a lion tamer than to step in the space between two bickering partners! Our therapists confidently head into that space with warmth, care, and understanding that is palpable in each session.

Why are we so passionate about helping relationships?

1. Human beings are homo-vinculum, the one who bonds with others. Relationships are as critical to our emotional well-being as oxygen is to our physical well-being! So much of our mental health relies on the health of our most important relationships! When our relationships are in a good place: the food we eat tastes better, our beds are more comfortable, and even traffic ain't that bad! When our relationships are in a bad place: the food we eat tastes awful, our beds are uncomfortable, and we've got road rage! Our therapists believe deeply in the healing effect of relationships!

2. We also believe that healing a single relationship has the potential to heal generations. Unfortunately, many of us have not grown up with emotionally healthy parents or relationship role-models. In most cases, our parents or role-models themselves did not learn good relationship habits from their own role-models! It is possible that they may have integrated poor emotional habits that could lead to relationship trauma! Furthermore, those poor habits and behaviors being modeled may be passed down from generation to generation!

Our work focuses on understanding our emotions, regulating them, and modeling healthy ways to express those emotions towards positive relationship habits. Of course healthy relationship dynamics can be a blissful experience for the partners present, but it can also alter their children's relationships and their grandchildren's relationships! Each generation will be able to role-modeling and pass down healthy forms of interaction and communication. That creates a "butterfly-effect" over the span of generations!

What are the "added" benefits of working with us?

  • Therapists who offer more than a "quick-fix" or "band-aid". Our approach cuts to the heart of the matter so your relationship is less likely to relapse back to poor communication and lack of intimacy.
  • Multiple therapists' perspectives for the price of one! Our team collaborates during bi-weekly meetings to provide added insight and support into challenging cases.
  • A "boutique" therapy practice experience. We keep our weekly caseloads small so we can provide extra attention to your relationship. You will not feel like you are in a therapy "factory."
  • Therapists trained by world-renown EFT trainer, George Faller.

What are the strengths of EFT?

  • Research studies on EFT show that 70 to 75% of couples move from distress to recovery, and approximately 90% show significant improvements.
  • It is an evidenced-based therapy practice as identified by the American Psychological Association.
  • EFT provides a roadmap for relationships.
  • Emotions are universal! EFT easily applies to many different kinds of problems and demographics.
  • It is supported by empirical research on the nature of couples in distress and adult attachment.  
  • It is an approach built on how we are wired as humans to connect and help couples achieve a healthy dependence on one another that is mutually fulfilling and rewarding.
  • Strategies for change and interventions are specified. The change process has been mapped into nine steps and specific change events.
  • The process of change and the predictors of success have been empirically researched and validated.

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